"Lashed by the Bora, burnt by the Sun,

grinded in the Mill, in Barrel 'tis done."

We look forward to welcoming you for a wine tasting. According to Trip Advisor Jamšek 1887 wine estate was selected to be one of the top 5 things to do in Vipava.



Wine tasting includes personal guide through 5 – 9 wine samples from both fresh and maturated lines with simple local tapas.


Booking in advance is recommended. Please call Erika at: +386 31 61 79 44

Our estate can be found in the pretty village of Manče on the slopes of the sunny Vipava valley, which connects northern Italy with central Europe and is the perfect elevation and temperature for wine production.

We are proud of our antique oak barrel, dating from 1887, which we still use to mature our wine! The barrel date is the only official record of a long tradition of wine producing here, but local legend confirms that this noble craft has been practiced on the farm for much longer.


On the Jamšek estate we cultivate 6 hectares of vine from which we produce 20,000 bottles of different types of wine. We also specialize in two lines of top quality wine. Firstly, fresh white aromatic wines which are very drinkable and secondly, wines fermented on lees in oak barrels using the “sur lie” method.


We are delighted that our wines have been recognized with many awards from the Slovenian home market over several years and we have also had international competition success.

Please find an introduction to the different vintages we produce at Jamšek, we look forward to welcoming you here for a tasting!


Jamšek Wines

Manče 5, SI-5271, Vipava, Slovenia


Manče 5, SI-5271 Vipava Slovenia


Erika +386 31 61 79 44

E   vinojamsek@gmail.com

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The colour is a classic ruby with violet tint. Its aroma is reminiscent of plum, blackcurrant and other dark berries. You can also slightly detect herbs. It tastes of raspberries and wild dark cherries. Tannins are perceptible. It is fresh and soft, but a very pleasant wine to savour.

Barbera comes from the Piedmont vine in Italy. In the Vipava valley it has already been present for more than 70 years and in our specific climatic conditions, it grows very well. It is a bit fresher than other red varieties from our area and this is very good for making wine. Its smell is reminiscent of roses and red fruits such as wild cherry and plum.

Merlot comes from the borders regions of Bordeaux. It is ruby red in color and with age it becomes deep garnet red. It has a delicious taste and a full body. The wine is elegant and suitable for serving during the entire meal. It goes very well with roasted or grilled meat and sausages. Serve at a temperature of 18°C.

An aromatic type of wine with tinges of elder, pineapple, grapefruit and passion fruit. In the Vipava valley it only grows on the most northerly slopes, as it prefers the colder areas. It is a demi-sweet wine with 35 grams of sugar per litre. For the very best taste, we have introduced 3 stages of grape picking. We recommend it with less sweet dishes, but you can drink it by itself as a dessert.


A cuvée (mix) of wines made exclusively from the red grape varieties, Merlot, Barbera and Cabernet Sauvignon. The processing technology is the same as for white fruity wines. Rosé is basically a fruity wine with less alcohol, tasting of raspberries and strawberries, which make it a great summer wine.

Prepih is another exclusive wine and our “Family Specialty”. We named it after the draft of air that sneaks under the door when the strong Bora wind whistles through the Vipava valley. It is a white cuvée (mix) made from 60% Riesling, matured for a whole year in barrique barrels. We make this wine even more drinkable by adding 20% of our own fresh Pinela and Zelen wines.

The aroma of Zelen is predominantly herbal, but upon aging, the smell becomes more flowerlike, with a tinge of acacia. With this specific aroma, Zelen is recommended as a festive wine for celebration. This vintage can only be found in the Vipava valley, it just grows here and nowhere else in the world!

Also known as “Welschriesling”, “Riesling Italien Blanc” and “Italian Riesling”. The Riesling bouquet is fresh and delicate with a distinctly pleasant aroma and flavour, slightly reminiscent of lime blossom. Riesling is the most common Vipava Valley vintage and according to recent data it represents almost 60% of all vines here.

Pinela is another wine exclusive to the Vipava valley which you cannot find anywhere else! It has a very distinct fruity flavor and the odour is less aromatic. It has a whiff of peach or pear, but the discerning palate can also detect grapefruit. Recommended as an everyday wine.



















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